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Is the program for everyone? Yes!! the M.A.D Online Gym has been designed to cater for all levels of Fitness Levels and rider ability on and off the bike. We do not just train Pro riders! This program is for everyone.


What do I need? To ensure you get the most out of the M.A.D Online Gym program you will need access to basic gym equipment. This can be in the form of your local gym membership or a home gym. Note; We have designed this program to ensure you will not need any specialist equipment of any kind. All the exercises use equipment found in any gym or easily purchased for a home gym. At minimum for a home gym set up you will need a small range of Dumbells/ Barbell Free weights, Kettlebells, Medicine ball, gym mat, TRX or equivalent Suspension trainer & Ab roller.


How the program works: The online gym is broken down into easily read and understandable Training categories. Each Category under the “Workouts” Heading is broken down into “Core”, “Strength” and “TRX” categories. Each workout within these categories is given a number, for example Strength # 1. As a M.A.D Online Gym member we recommend you follow the “WEEKLY PLANNER” section where we have given you a daily run down of how to pair the workouts together in a weekly structure to get the most out of your training program. However you are free to use the workouts at your own leisure.


How the website Works: All the pages to do with the Online program are blocked for non-members, When you sign up to the program you will get instant access to all the features of the website.



To sign up to the Online Gym program all you have todo is choose between the “Online Gym Program Save 20%” or “Online Gym Subscription.” These options can be found in the Shop section of the Website. By purchasing and signing up to either of these programs (please note the only difference is that they have different payment systems, the program is exactly the same) you get instant access to our program. If you choose the Save 20% option it will go into your cart where you will then have to proceed to purchase the item. The subscription option will take you straight to the sign up area. When signing up make sure you fill all areas correctly as this will become your account on payment completion. Once you have finished this you are now ready to move onto checking out the MAD Online Gym.


We recommend you start by visiting the weekly planner under the Online gym tab. The weekly planner will tell you exactly what you need to be doing week in and week out. Its based upon the 4 main workout systems; Core, Cardio, TRX and Strength. Once you know what you should be doing for the day you can continue to step two.




Now you know what you are doing for the day you need to go to the workouts section of the website that can be found under Online Gym – “Workouts”. If its Strength #1, #2 or #3 travel to the “Strength” workout section, If its Core #1, #2 or #3 travel to the “Core” workout section, If its TRX #1, #2 or #3 travel to the “TRX” workout section. On any of these pages you will find the schedules sessions you will need to complete.


Using the how to videos is be key to getting the most out of your training program. Poor technique in many movements can be very dangerors leading to a greater risk of injury. All members must watch the appropriate “How To” video before attempting a new movement. Furthermore poor form and technique will give you average results, so take your time to understand each movement in the program. The Movement links can be found on the Workout pages above the workout chart under the heading Movement video links. Or you can navigate to the How to videos and search for them yourself, you will find the link under the Online gym drop down in the nav bar.




Once you have a good grasp on how the training program works its time to introduce the Nutrition side of the Online gym. The Nutritional information is broken up into two parts, The Weekly nutrition and Raceday Nutrition. In the Weekly Nutritional planner you will see both a sample diet guide and a list of food groups and daily dietary requiremenrts we have given you to set up your own meal plans to suit your own personal preferences, lifestyle and tastes.


UPDATES: Keep Checking back as we will be adding new programs for the off season & pre season, along with more interactive content such as feature pro workouts and member challenges where you can post your times and results from the challenge workouts!!


USING YOUR MOBILE OR TABLET: We have created the website so it resizes to fit the screen size of the device. You will notice there isn’t any menu items at the top, If you click the grey box either side of the logo you will find the menu appear. The Left box will bring up the standard menu that you can find on the Website. The Right side box brings up the Members area that only members can see when logged in.


LOGGING IN AND LOGGING OUT: Its easy to login and out of your account. To login to your account simply click on the My Account tab in the Nav bar. If your not already logged in it will show you the login in screen, If your already logged in it will show you sour account settings. To Logout simply click on the Logout tab under the My account section in the Nav Bar.


USING THE MEMBERS AREA ON YOUR DESTOP: To use the Members area similar to that on your iPhone simply click the grey Box on the right of the Nav bar and it will show the side menu where all the Items to do with the online store will appear if your are logged into your account.


The M.A.D Online gym Membership system is valued at $20 Per month for 12 months at a Total of $240. A discounted rate of $200 Applies for those wanting to pay for a full year up front.