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Welcome to the MAD Online Gym

Welcome to the Moto-X Athlete Development M.A.D online Gym.. This membership based service will give you access to all of the training programs that our Athletes use in the M.A.D Training facility. You will have the opportunity to train on the same programs as our Pro Ridres Sam Martin, Gareth Swaneopoel, Jack Simpson, Taylor Potter and more. Our entire training, nutritional and riding programs have been digitalized to allow you instant access to the information when you need it most!


Whether you are a Professional Athlete striving for perfection or an aspiring Amateur ready to improve your performance, the M.A.D online Gym program will be the driving force to enhance your physical potential and achieve your racing goals





Unlock the Gym, Get access to online gym now

The M.A.D Online Gym is a once off paid program based program available to registered members. As a visiting guest you will not have access to the Members Area of the Online Gym. Once you have registered as a paid member you will have full access to our Smart Phone optimised and tablet responsive Online Training program, that you can take with you on the road and everywhere you go to have access to all your training information when you need it most!


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